A Self Portrait

Hippie-dippy Pterodactyl

Shyd Industries Interior - 12 Oz Mouse Season 3

War Room Interior - 12 Oz Mouse Season 3

3 Mushketeers

Lotharganin Exterior - 12 Oz Mouse Season 3

Backgrounds for short animation

skeleton character designs

Illustrations for the Massachusetts State Lottery

The Auspicious Saint & His Devotees

Midnight Empire

Koi fish

Dream Journal Entry II

Electric City & Electricity

Tiger & Giraffe


USSR Red Market Dealer – Character Sheet

Nick I.

Lemonade Package Illustration

Barong: The Balinese Mythological king of the spirits and protector of the forest.

King Oberon

Short film poster for “Vampire C.E.O.”

A Herald of the Lightning
Cameron Grant